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About Us

Myhall Food Corp, Inc


Myhall Food linked with the modern concept of health and the traditional Asian style food, We are committed to developing healthy, delicious and safe products.(We are keen to develop healthy, delicious and safe products. We paid great attention to developing healthy, delicious and safe products.

We manufacture our products through the Ministry of Agriculture (USDA) approved meat products, and sold to supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries, and food wholesalers, providing a quality service.

We developed to pot stickers, pan cakes, spring rolls, dumplings products, The main ingredients to be vegetables and soy products, No meat composition, Do not add sugar, Less salt, less oil, Healthy appetizer, Delicious. Sought after by the people, Especially slimming, bodybuilding and vegetarian lovers. Most of our products are handmade, You can appreciate the artisan skills and love. All ingredients purchased in the United States, Made mostly for the United States or Japan.




Our beliefs with you the same, our services with your peers.

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